"Ron is a consummate professional, and shows the utmost compassion with the subject matter he is covering. He is reliable, easy to get along with, quick to visualize a project, and delivers quality work on time... You can depend on him, as we have,.." 
 --   National Geographic Adventure
"I take your work (and my job) seriously"
"I've used Expert-edits for numerous projects over the last 15 years (including a Master's Thesis) and Ron is WELL worth it! I  went from a C average to Dean's List A average. Ron charges less than others and you get top-of-the-line results." -- E. Canedo
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35+ years experience editing academic papers, theses, resumes, manuscripts, legal and medical papers, business documents, ESL student papers, Spanish translations
"Wow! Resume looks great!" -- S. Levine
"Xlnt article! Thanks for your work!"
-- Endangered Species Magazine, Australia
 Your ideas will flow and make an impact.  Students get better grades.
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"Thank you ... wonderful article in Animals Magazine"
                -- Bonnie Bergin, CEO and Founder, CCI

Pricing, Services & Turnaround
 Starting rates for most average, basic papers: 

       • $30 for up to 1000 words   
              • $25 for each add'l 1000 words


(Middle, high school and undergrads only):
10% off above rates

Master's or PhD theses, legal, medical and technical papers will be quoted separately on request. Average thesis ends up costing $500-1500.

Use the FREE Submit button to send me your document and I will edit a page or two and send back at no charge.

This will clarify expectations and ensure that you will be satisifed with your investment.

(If you have a superbly edited paper already, I will tell you, with my congratulations!)

Payment must be received in advance. 

If you are at all concerned about this, use the FREE submit button to see what you'll get. I have been doing this for a very long time, and have edited thousands of pages of documents for 35+ years without a single complaint.

If there ever does arise a question over a correction or suggestion in your document, we'll discuss it until you are satisfied.  I would want the same option for my money. 

I might add that if for some reason, the rest of your document is superbly edited better than the page(s) you submit for free, I would adjust the charge for you doing such a good job ahead of time. (Honestly though, docs are usually pretty similar to the sample pages submitted).

Turnaround time -- Generally, for most basic documents, I try to get them back to you in 24-72 hours. I will give you a written deadline on your invoice. Theses and technical papers will take longer.  Let me know your urgency level and I will do my best to finish it with time for you to review and send it on. If you need a RUSH order, generally they will be 25-50% additional.

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